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Wizkid x Damian Marley talk how they met and recorded ‘Blessed’

Wizkid x Damian Marley talk how they met and recorded ‘Blessed’

In an interview with Rollingstone: an American monthly magazine that focuses on music, politics, and popular culture. Wizkid and Damian Marley explain how the beautiful record on the Made in Lagos album was recorded. Many are already familiar with the story, it happened many years ago that the two Stars were lodged at the same hotel that when Wizkid’s cup fell he looked down and behold it was Damian Marley, the duo linked up from there and recorded the beautiful song which now has over 30m+ plays on Spotify.

In this video, The Afropop star and the reggae scion link up to talk about spirituality, fatherhood, collaboration, and what connects Nigeria and Jamaica; Damian Marley became a Wizkid fan after crossing paths with the Afropop star at a New York City hotel while promoting Stony Hill, his 2018 Grammy winner for Best Reggae Album. The two sat down with Rolling Stone recently for the magazine’s Musicians on Musicians series.

Get the full story at: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/wizkid-damian-marley-musicians-on-musicians-1240077/

Fans have been asking since Should we be expecting a video for Blessed anytime soon?

Excerpt from the interview :::: —————————————-

What was recording “Blessed” like?

Marley: I was on tour. Both of us had gigs out in London. One night after one of the concerts, we all went to the studio, got together, and Wiz played a bunch of beats for me. That was the one that grabbed my attention the most. We started writing the song in the studio, together, just feeling the vibe.

Unfortunately, that night my voice was shot. I was very hoarse. So I wasn’t able to cut the vocals properly that night, but we were able to write lyrics. And then when I got back to Miami, I was able to do over my parts. The only part that made it from the original session is the front bit where I’m saying, “I might be rough around the edges, maybe yes.” If you listen to my voice, right there you can hear that it’s really gravelly, just because of me doing the concert earlier on in the night.

Wizkid: That’s the beauty of that record! Just the way it starts, the tone of it, the raspiness of the vocals, like, “Ah, that was beautiful!” From the first time I heard it in the studio, I just went mad. I couldn’t believe it. It was like magic right before my eyes. If I’m being very honest with you, that was one of the most amazing sessions I’ve ever been in, for real.

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Marley: Thank you, bro.

Damian, you mentioned the significance that Africa has to you. Wiz, would you say the same thing about Damian’s homeland? 

Wizkid: Well, Jamaica is a place that, from when I was young — especially when you’re from Africa, when you’re from Lagos, Nigeria — it was so amazing to see the culture. Just to listen to the music, because that was what we were first introduced to, and later, seeing the videos and finding out more about the culture. It’s like, “Yo, this is like us.” It’s the same thing. When I went to Jamaica for the first time, it was everything that I thought it would be and more. It’s an amazing place, the most beautiful place, amazing food, great people.

Marley: For me, we grew up hearing about Africa — Nigeria, Ethiopia, all these places. It is almost like a dream. You’re hearing about this far-off place until you end up going there, until you end up meeting people from there. Then it becomes more real. Rastafari is heavily embedded in African culture and is very proud of our African roots.

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