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Victony – OUTLAW EP (The Review)

Victony – OUTLAW EP (The Review)

Nigerian singer, rapper, and song writer Anthony Victor, popularly know as Victony dropped his EP two weeks ago. Supported by his distribution label; the plug entertainment, the fast rising 21 year-old, made a very bold statement with this EP.

You have got to give it to his PR team, and their creative ideas behind the publicity, steady wetting our appetites. You can’t help but wonder, what to expect from the Apollo crooner, especially when you see the PR activities around the EP. We saw victony hit the streets, malls, and beachs to give a one-on-one listening session for this EP. Also, a few big names in the industry; Joey Akan, Dj Spinall, Dj Neptune, Muyiwa Awoniyi, got a first-hand vip listen experience, before ofcourse the listening party, which held in Lagos state, Nigeria.

This 7-track EP will in no doubt, change the game, and have every fast rising next gen out there sitting tight. Victony was so intentional about this EP, he paid every attention to detail, starting with the cover and art attached to this project. The art highlights every single track on the project. The oracle himself, bol the designer, was behind the creative work of art on this project. I would love to know what its like to be in his shoes to create premium magic! Jexways, and the one and only Victony, were in on the action involving art direction.

I dare you to skip a track on this EP, my attention has been drawn to this project in the last seven days. It is a simple and short body of work. Infact, within twenty-one to thirty minutes you are done with your first full listen of the project. I don’t seem to hve a favorite yet due to the wicked pen game behind this body of work. Like I mentioned earlier, Victony’s mission on this project was to make a statement, a very big one if you ask me. The first track OUTLAW hits hard, the lyrics hit even harder. Victony lays it down a little bit, he lets us into his world, telling us what kept him going; the grace of God, and family. The first verse will make every hustler, both young and old, feel at peace with themselves, and have reassurance that there is light at the end of every dark tunnel they are going through. I’d recommend this for any workspace playlist. While you are busy writing those goals and targets down due of the motivation track one brings, track two slides in. CHOP & SLIDE gets you in your feelings, reminds you of that person you want so bad, but can’t have, cause they just want to get down with you.Talk about a song that can make you call your ex-partner just to “say hi”. Still wallowing in your feelings yeah? Boom! he hits you with a hit (literally).

APOLLO steers you in the direction of turn up. Pop those bottles, take those shots, ladies grab that long island, but makes sure you got your uber app handy, if you are home, just locate your bedroom, cause this track will keep you going. There is something about the way Victony writes about, a curvy and absolutely excellent feminine body. He doesn’t objectify in any way, not even a tiny bit. Apollo in this track means a very handsome young man. While steering you in the direction of turn up, he lets us know where he likes to be found(obviously where the party is at climax). Big ups to the deep music, the background vocals delivery was excellent.

The EP is starting to feel like a playlist already, you are all hyped and wondering… What next? Well, its ALL POWER. Its no news that the fast rising star, has publicly declared his passionate interest and love for chicks well endowed in the rears axis. His ability to express his love the way, with this sound and melody, on this track, is the wow-factor. You think he is done with the “perfect feminine body” talk, then JOLENE comes on, where he features talented producer Ktizo.

Its obvious, Victony’s rare ability to express his emotions in lyrics on every track he is featured, or goes solo on, is something to look out for. At this point of the EP, you should know by now Victony can do no wrong, then deep music hitting another home run, this is the fifth song, and you aren’t feeling any sign of boredom, instead you are intrigued at the top dollar experience your earbuds are getting a feel of. You close your eyes to feel the soundgasms even more, and all of a sudden it feels like you are on your way past security, and and checked in on a flight to SOWETO with a slower tempo. Still on the “body like benz’ matter, though with a bounce to your feet. Right here and now, you know this man (Victony) likes perfectly sculpted fine women. His combo with producer Tempoe on this track was perfect match making. Still on the bouncy feel, he chips in a full-time reality check pep talk. Setbacks, set ups, and fuck ups. This track again goes far to assure you, that Victony’s pen game can exude deep messages of motivation also.

The EP is a complete body of work. The team brought together for the purpose of the project, understood the mission and duly delivered. You can’t but pay attention to the production by the very talented producers on this project; Ktizo, Blind and Frank Moses, P.Prime, Tempoe, and Blaise. The fusion of the guitars, keys, synths, and pads, gives so much depth to the tracks. If you take your time to really listen, it shows you no lazy approach was put into the project. And the mix! Oh that mix… Chuma “Hoodini” Nwokike was divine! Even with the extra burden of partnering with Jemedafe “Partyboy” Caleb (executive producer) as the A&R of this brillant project, he (Hoodini) still delivered nothing short of top notch results. The reverb, the echos, the wet effect, everything just syncs. The man knows his onions. I think recording, mixing, and mastering engineers, need to pay more attention to bringing out the uttermost best out of the artistes they work with. I feel Victony discovered that fact, and harnessed it.

He has created a niche that makes his fans connect to what, and how he feels on every track you find his name on. Spot on! Overall, this project is one not to be forgotten so easily. I’d rate it 8/10, cause I feel Victony still has a lot to prove, without any worry of complacency.

Once again, I dare you to skip a track!#dukeofacesInstagram: @dukeofaces || Twitter: @_dukeofaces

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